Windmill Spraymaster now featuring three sprayer models.

  • 775 Orchard / Vineyard - Dual Volume - 400 Gallon Tank
  • 1075 Orchard / Vineyard - Dual Volume  - 500 Gallon Tank
  • 1275 Orchard / Vineyard - Dual Volume - 600 Gallon Tank

What is Dual Volume? 

Dual Volume is providing the both electrostatic low volume and dilute/concentrate high volume spraying, into a single sprayer.  No longer does anyone have to choose between two popular spraying methods, Windmill Spraymaster is the once again leading the industry in spray technology by providing two spray systems in one!

Built by Valley Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc. the Windmill Spraymaster comes from a family of agricultural equipment products and is still built in California today.

Take your time discovering what sets apart the Windmill Spraymaster from the rest.  Windmill is the original and the innovator and backed by a 45 year plus history of manufacturing ag products.

Windmill Spraymaster Benefits:

  • Automobile industry technology.
  • More uniform coverage.
  • Increase chemical deposit.
  • Less refill time - More time in the orchard.
  • All stainless steel plumbing.
  • Heavy duty axles and frame for long life.
  • Multiport jet agitation systems.
  • Save cost - increase quality.
  • Simple field calibration.
  • Optional high volume spray kit.
  • Optional fast fill valve kit.

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